FAQ—Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Could taking CBD cause me to fail a drug test? 

Testing of CBD Products & Package Labels

CBD Isolate: CBD isolate products only contain isolated CBD and are THC free. These products are sometimes referred to as pure CBD. 

Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD products will contain CBD along with other cannabinoids (along with other compounds like terpenes), and they can contain up to 0.3% amount of THC.

Topical CBD (CBD Lotion or Cream): The CBD in a topical product (applied to the skin) can be an isolate, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum, so it may contain THC. Even though it’s not well absorbed into the bloodstream, the application of a full-spectrum topical CBD could theoretically result in a positive drug test.

While technically you should be able to consume Broad Spectrum or CBD isolate products without consuming any THC, research has found that many CBD products are contaminated with THC, resulting in unintentional THC consumption

The only way to avoid unwanted THC is to ensure that the product has been tested for THC, which will be shown on the Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA will provide you with details about the composition of CBD products and will help you to ensure that it is safe for consumption.

COAs are not mandatory in most states, so it is up to the consumer to look for them. It is usually found through a link to a QR code on the product package. COAs should be done for every batch of products that are produced as well as for every end product. Be sure the information matches the associated COA.

Types of Workplace Drug Testing and CBD

There are a variety of tests for cannabis, with urine being the most common. Each test has a different cannabis detection window in which a person may test positive:

Urine testing: detects cannabis for 3 to 30 days after use

Saliva testing: detects cannabis for 24 to 72 hours after use

Hair testing: detects cannabis for up to 90 days after use

Blood testing: detects cannabis for 3 to 4 hours after use

None of these tests measure CBD or CBD metabolites.

Health Benefits & Side Effects

There are many benefits to taking CBD. These include:

CBD for Anxiety: CBD has been shown to reduce some forms of anxiety, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety disorder, social phobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CBD has also been shown to reduce anxiety in healthy adults in a simulated public speaking environment. 

In Summary—Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

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