Red Light Therapy Safety

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Red Light Therapy Safety faq

Fringe RedLight Therapy products are considered super safe, but it’s always worth making sure that any healing modality is right for you. 

Yes, FringeLight Red Light Therapy products are considered low risk with minimal contraindications. There have been thousands of scientific  studies on red light therapy confirming its safety and effectiveness for a large variety of uses. 

When introducing any new healthcare activity or product into your routine, we recommend working with your doctors to ensure there are no  contraindications with your current medical conditions or medications you are taking.


FringeLight Red Light Therapy products use red and near infrared LEDs to produce light that is similar in intensity to the red and near infrared light offered from the sun.

If you can go into the sun for 20 minutes safely, it is very likely that you will not have any reason to use caution using our red light therapy products for 20 minutes. If you are sensitive to light or using any medications that may increase your light sensitivity, please consult your doctor before use.

We do not advise staring directly into the red light as it can be irritating for your eyes.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before use.

The power and intensity of red light therapy products can create some warmth with use. FringeLights are lower powered red light therapy products, we designed them intentionally that way so they deliver a dosage of light that is similar to the sun on your skin. The warmth generated by the FringeLight panel or wraps should always be comfortable (and it feels great). If it starts to get too warm, you can lessen the time, lessen the light intensity on the wrap or move a farther distance from the panel. 

If you have a darker skin tone or light sensitivities you may feel more warmth with the use of Red Light therapy products, we recommend you start with less time and light intensity and gradually increase them over time.

Please be careful, but eye protection is not required when using red light therapy We don’t recommend staring directly into the red light therapy panel while eyes open as it can be uncomfortable or irritating. 

We provide glasses with the FringeLight panel if you find the light irritates your eyes.

No. Red Light therapy is safe and ultraviolet (UV) light free. The wavelengths used in red light therapy (red and near infrared lights) are outside of  UV range, so they are not harmful to the eyes. Red light is generally fine to look at, however some people find the light irritating to their eyes. You can look away from the light, keep your eyes closed or use the red light blocking glasses included with the panel.

We provide glasses with the FringeLight panel if you find the light irritates your eyes.

FringeLights Red Light Therapy products are designed to give an adequate amount of light energy for effective outcomes, without being TOO much light intensity. Less is more, is one of our philosophies with red light therapy. While higher-doses and higher powered machines are typically still safe, they may not be as effective or efficient.  Too much red light on your skin may create a heat type rash or skin redness, similar to a sunburn.
No, FringeLight Red Light Therapy panels and wraps are not manufactured to withstand the heat or humidity that can occur inside of a sauna.
FringeLights have a negligible flicker rate.
FringeLight panel measured 0.0uT at 6” for the panel and 0.0uT at 0” for our wraps.

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