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how to use fringe red light therapy faq

Red Light Therapy is only as good as knowing how to use it! Check out below for instruction on how to get the most out of your units.

They both are quite versatile options for delivering red and near infrared light therapy. You can help a wide variety of health conditions with both a panel and wrap – but it is important to understand the difference in how they work. 

Best uses for FringeLight wraps:

Wraps are most convenient and portable and best used for local pain, inflammation, health conditions. You will not see the red wavelengths with a wrap on, so the additional health benefits from ‘seeing’ red light (sleep & mood) are not available with a wrap. 

Direct Skin Contact Red Light therapy wraps are lower power devices and highly absorbed into our skin because of their direct contact with it. Quite simply, when the light is in direct contact with your skin – it has nowhere else to go! Due to the direct skin contact nature of FringeLight wraps, the units have less power (60W) so we can deliver the appropriate intensity of light for a treatment (30 mw/cm2).

Best uses for FringeLight Panel:

Panels are best used for regional pain, inflammation, health conditions and have the additional benefit of generating light for a larger surface area. Our panels can also help with sleep & mood as they create an ambient light that you don’t get with a wrap. 

Indirect Red-Light Therapy (panels) are higher powered devices but that does not necessarily mean more light is absorbed into our skin. When the light source is 4-6 inches away from our skin, a large portion of the light is scattered before it reaches our skin. Due to the indirect nature of red-light therapy panels, the units have a higher power rating (192W) so we can accommodate for light that is lost and deliver the appropriate intensity of light for a treatment: approx 30 mw/cm2.

We recommend using your FringeLight panel or wrap once a day for a 20 minute session. There are times when your doctor may recommend you use it twice a day for 5-20 minute sessions. You can also use red light therapy just a few times per week and still enjoy the benefits.
When starting a red light therapy treatment routine, you can start with a lower amount of time and gradually work your way up to an increased time if you feel more benefits. That time will range from 10-30 minutes. We do not recommend exceeding 30-minute treatment times. You can treat multiple body areas per day.


You may experience results as early as after the first treatment session with red light therapy. However, consistent use over time will get you the best results for pain, inflammation, recovery, tissue healing, sleep, mood, brain health, skin health, and fat loss.

We recommend direct exposure to the skin. Lighter garments like underwear, bras, shorts, tank tops may be worn during a treatment. They will reduce the light exposure, but benefits will still be available for the user. If treating your face, remove makeup for a better effect.


Set up your FringeLight Red Light Therapy Wrap with direct skin contact. The wrap has a convenient built-in 20 minute timer, for daily use. You can treat multiple body areas per day.

Use the adjustable light brightness/temperature control button to adjust the intensity or warmth of your treatment session. The wrap can feel slightly warm, but should not feel hot. You can reduce your treatment time or reduce the light intensity to ensure a comfortable treatment session.

There are 3 levels of light brightness/temperature built into the FringeLight red light therapy wrap.

Mode 1 (press once) – High Level Power at 100% – most bright

Mode 2 (press twice) – Medium Level Power at 75% – medium brightness 

Mode 3 (press thrice) – Low Level Power at 50% – least bright

To clean your FringeLight Wrap, we recommend using a damp (not dripping) towel. Make sure your unit is unplugged and away from any power outlets. Water and electricity aren’t friends and we don’t need you introducing the two. Make sure to only clean the fabric portions of the wrap and elastic strap. Definitely do not submerge the wrap in water or any other liquids. Lastly, let the whole air dry away from direct sunlight and you’ll be good to go! Do not tumble dry. That would be bad.

Don’t bend the wrap when putting it away, as that can damage or snap the wires. When storing your product, loosely rolling it is the best approach. When wearing the product, please follow our recommendations in the “location of wrap” section to be sure you’re using it effectively.

Yes, there is an option to power your wrap with a portable power bank/ for freedom to move while wearing (power bank not included). We include the USB charging cable for the portable power bank.


You can choose to turn on your panel with manual switches or with the remote/digital display option. Both options are easy for selection of Red Light (RED), Near Infrared (NIR) Light or both. Both forms of light have overlapping healing benefits, therefore we recommend using them together.

Remember, you won’t see the near infrared lights when they are on. Near infrared light is not visible to our eyes but it is still working, and you may notice it creates some mild warmth with time.

Set up your panel 4-6 inches from the desired treatment area. The panel can create some warming effect on your skin but should not be hot. If you detect the heat is rising – reduce your time or move further away from the panel than the recommended 6 inches.

For use to help regulate sleep and mood, turn on your red light as ambient lighting for 30 minutes as you wake.

As an alternative to bright lights in the evening, consider using your red light panel for evening lighting 30-60 minutes before bed or as an alternative to home lights after the sun sets.

Near infrared light is an invisible frequency of light that our eyes can not detect. However, you can tell if these lights are working on our panel as we have added a small dim light in the center of the bulb to show they are functioning.

Recommended only for use with a trained medical professional. Pulsing of red light and near infrared light therapy can be used to reduce the heating effect of the light or for brainwave synchronization. This feature should only be used under medical supervision.

Pulse 1 – 4hz (light flashes on and off 4 times/second)

Pulse 2 – 10hz (light flashes on and off 10 times/second) – this use is often used to help the brain achieve beneficial brain state. for example, 10hz is often used to induce an alpha brainwave state

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

FringeLights are considered low-risk, general wellness products that do not require FDA clearance, in accordance with the “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” draft released July 29, 2016.

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